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Household Affairs is an innovative company addressing the needs of the community - households, coffee shops, party hires, restaurants and other business people - by delivering convenience, impeccable service and product quality without compromise.

Household Affairs offers a wide variety of products from party supplies to home furnishings. Disposable items such as microwave safe dinner plates, heavy duty cutleries, extra strong plastic cups and foam cups are just few of the things that we have in our new warehouse.Household Affairs prides itself in introducing our unique designer brand kitchenware like iodized non-stick frypans designed for cooking pancakes, dosa, tortilla, crepes and others. Our designer brand cookware comes in various sizes, colours and designs.

With reputable international partners from China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia servicing the industry for over 30 years, our customers are highly guaranteed as to product quality and availability at competitive prices.

Endeavouring to become an essential part of the community we conform to the Australian standards recognizing product quality through unvarying support for product enhancement, reasonable pricing and excellent open-ended customer service.

Household Affairs is your perfect solution to your everyday party needs. Because we are your party care people.We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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